Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's a canna-boxing kind of day

What a busy day (yesterday--had to wait for the jello mold pictured below to set up overnight before posting)!  Presidents' Day...no school...no plans...until...
A friend invited us and another family to go to an indoor play area at a local library.  I've been wanting to check it out, so we decided to go.  Closed.  Presidents' Day.

Fly by the seat of your pants, straight to the play place at the local mall that has a couple of bouncy houses. Follow that up with a picnic of Chick-fil-a and a good long round of freeze tag in the center of the mall "amphitheater."  Not ready to call it a day?  Let's try some bowling!  Ten-pin!  With a 2 year old, a 3 year old, two 4 year olds and two 5 year olds.  Thank goodness for gutter bumpers and a very patient ball-fetcher manager who would stroll out and return all the balls that stopped rolling half way down the alley.  What a great day we had (she said without even a hint of sarcasm)!

Home by 4:00 with the intention of cuddling on the couch with a movie, as we missed nap time.  No movie...I started clearing the dining room table (we are terrible about leaving mail on the table and not doing breakfast dishes in the morning) when the littlest brought me a silicone ice cube tray shaped like apples and asked "can we make something in this?"  Fly by the seat of your pants--of course we can!

Jello jigglers

Which led to this...I've been wanting to make it since I pinned it on pinterest.  jello mosaic dessert bars It is three flavors of jello jigglers mixed with a unflavored gelatin and sweetened condensed milk mixture.  It is pretty and pretty yummy, I got to use my mother's old Tupperware jello mold, and you can eat it with your fingers!  I really love the look of it, and I can't wait til St Pat's day--rainbow colors!!

While the jello was setting up, I did these (as a Valentine's gift for my teachers...okay, as Presidents' Day gift, I'm a bit behind.  They are lip balm holder key chains.  I put them in a clear bag with some Hershey Kisses and a tag that said "Pucker Up Buttercup").  I'll give credit here www.littlebitfunky.com chapstick cozy but I didn't really follow their directions implicitly...a little more flying by the seat of my pants today.

Then it was dinner time.  I had reached my daily quota of domesticallity.  We had Canna-Box for dinner.  Allow me to explain.  My friend Jen coined the term a few weekends ago.  She had a dinner party for six adults and twelve children at her house.  She was very proud of the sweet potato casserole she made from scratch, and joked about how the rest of dinner was "Canna-box."  With that many people to feed, and most of them kids, she had bought rotisserie chickens, instant mashed potatoes, boxed stuffing and, of course green bean casserole.  Sometimes I think that because I wrote a cook book, and I love to cook, people think that I scratch make all of our meals.  Soooo not true.

Here is the proof...kids had spaghetti-o's for dinner.  Hubby and I had these:

Egg (over hard for me), cheddar cheese, and sweet Lebanon bologna on an English muffin.  Hmm, next time I'll use Swiss cheese and call it an International Hand Warmer!

So Jen, no worries, even the best of us canna-box it every once in awhile.

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