Friday, April 15, 2011


I've been trying to introduce new foods into our lives, not only for the kids, but for myself too!  So each trip to the grocery store, I'll buy something I haven't tried yet or tried in awhile.  After a little research, I try different ways of cooking whatever it is...this led me to "Braised Radishes" this week!

I don't like radishes...raw!  I know this.  Ever since I was a kid, I haven't liked radishes.  I discovered last week that I do, however, love them cooked!  They lose the bitterness and taste very earthy and a little sweet with a meaty kind of texture.  The braising liquid is a mixture of chicken broth, shallots, butter, sugar and vinegar, which adds to the sweet / savory yumminess.  The radishes cook out a lot of the color, making everything a pleasant pink (hmmm, princess rosy radishes, anyone?)  WARNING:  If you have any left over, don't heat them up at work...even though they taste good, they do smell like dirt!

As I was prepping my radishes, my two-year-old pushed her step-stool over to the counter to see what I was doing.  "Mmm, mommy, I want some!"  So I sliced off a very thin piece of radish and gave it to her.  She tried a couple of times to bite it...with her front teeth and then with her giant molars in the back...decided she couldn't take a bite and handed it back to me.  I'm so proud that she will try things!  I put that slice of radish in my mouth, decided I didn't want to bite it, but I ate it anyway...I'm so proud that I will try things!

So after the radishes had braised for about 15 minutes (the recipe says 10-12 minutes; I was playing in the living room with the baby) some of the radishes were more done than others, so as I ate one that was less done, it still had that bitter finish that the raw ones do (that's the part I don't like).  I spoke before I thought and asked my husband "are radishes related to horseradish?"  Go ahead and laugh at me...sometimes I just have to say it out loud to answer my own question. 

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